Environmental policy

As a forward-thinking automotive services provider, the RAC recognises that its activities, products and services can cause impacts on the environment.

We are therefore committed to compliance with all relevant environmental legislation and regulations, to the principles of prevention of pollution and to continuous improvement. We aim to apply our environmental management system to all of our activities and operations which have a significant impact on the environment.

We will establish objectives, targets and procedures to minimise our environmental impacts and ensure legislative compliance. We will also monitor and audit the progress of our business against the standards we define and the objectives we set. Specific objectives will be defined to reduce the environmental impact of our business in the areas of energy efficiency, reduction in our CO2 output, and waste minimisation.

We will devote adequate resource and apply best practice to managing delivery of our environmental management programme.

The RAC's strategy to meet its environmental objectives has three component parts:

  • Employees: The RAC will actively educate its workforce so that they understand their responsibilities for minimising their environmental impact in their day-to-day activities in order to assist the RAC to achieve its environmental objectives and targets.
  • Customers: The RAC will continually improve its service offerings to reduce the impact it has on the environment through everyday trading and in the process support its financial plans by becoming more efficient.
  • Contractors and Suppliers: Contractors and Suppliers will be asked to sign agreements which state that the RAC expects them to ensure that legal requirements are met and encourages good health, safety and environmental practice within its supply chain.